Media and Leisure

Such a major industry, with the creation of a media generation and our need to exercise and 'hit the gym'. Our contribution to this sector has been vast and diverse from a state of the art garden centre in the heart of the Royal countryside, opened by Her Majesty the Queen, to the home of Sky Sports and ESPN at IMG studios. The award to London of the 2012 Olympic games has seen major investment and an opportunity not missed by Working Environments with representation at the main Olympic Stadium.  From high profile visitor attractions and galleries to sporting venues and health and fitness clubs – via theatres, conference centres, restaurants, bars and pubs – the onus is often placed on finding imaginative ways to cater for customers during their visit and on encouraging them to return.

In this culture of choice, where venues compete to attract and sustain the attention of the public, it is easy to forget that the only reliable route to success begins with satisfying certain basic requirements, such as safety or visibility. By transforming both the critical, hidden services, like engineering maintenance, to the highly visible and influential features such as interior design, we have learned that the end users' response to the spaces and environments they frequent is established on a wide range of interconnected factors, which Working Environments can help you to provide.

Case Studies: