Sigma Aldridge, QC Laboratory, Gillingham, Dorset

Project Summary

Project:Mechanical services £188,941, electrical services £115,955
Total value:£304,896
Design:Full mechanical and electrical services design and build
Programme:12 weeks
Project type:Refurbishment, 2 storey, scientific laboratory

Project Description

This facility was a new extension to create the quality controlled laboratory rooms to the highest clean room standards.

The target was to provide a total clean room with air locks to ensure that no contaminates entered the working environment in which the client was carrying out lengthy controlled experiments to ensure the quality control of the products manufactured at this plant. The rooms were close controlled temperature environments with fume extraction and hepa filtration.  This project did not affect the client's production processes within the existing plant areas. The planning and phased changeovers were critical to the success of this project.

New LTHW plant, medical gases including acetylene, hydrogen and nitrogen, natural gas, hot and cold water supplies, fume cupboard ventilation, air handling units, mains power distribution, lighting, small power voice and data, fire detection and a new tannoy system were just some of the services that had to be incorporated into this new facility.